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Netaji Eye Hospital
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General Clinical Services of NETAJI EYE HOSPITALS and Units of Sri Sri Bijoykrishna Ashram Relief Society will remain closed due to COVID-19 outbreak from 22.03.2020 to 31.03.2020 but EMERGENCY SERVICES which include services required to our Post-operative patients will be available during this period.

We hereby request our patients to stay at home if you have mild symptom, such as a fever and cough as most will get better with rest and time.

To support Social Distancing to create a hindrance in reducing the spread of virus, we request all our patients to note as follows.

*To call at helpline nos in emergency.

*To reschedule medical procedures, surgeries, and other testing to the extent that it can be done safely for the patient.

*Change your hospital visit plan and stay at home and cancel your all non-essential travel plan.

*An Emergency Support Team will be available to attend Emergency Services

If you are having any Eye Medical Emergency, please dial

* For Netaji Eye Hospital, Ramchandrapur, Purulia
7797771818/ 7797776900/ 7797776800/ 7797772724/ 7797771600/ 7797775252 ,

* For Netaji Eye Hospital, Kolkata, 9874877772, 8336968822

* For Netaji Eye Hospital- Asansol,8918273956, 7797771800 ,

* For Durgapur Seva Kendra- Netaji Eye Hospital, Durgapur 8617573920/7908395827

* For Nandadulal Vision Centre, Maliara, Bankura,7001998092

* For Netaji Seva Kendra Vision Centre, Taldangra, Bankura

or go to nearest Emergency Department.